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If you don’t have a Mud Bandit Recovery Strap and you don’t want to go swimming to hook up then your bumper or rack is the easiest yet most damaging option. You can severely scratch, bend, crack or completely tear off your bumper or rack when using it for Recovery.

Your hitch is the best spot to hook up for recovery, but what if it’s under the mud or freezing water? Our strap will already be securely connected to your hitch and ready to pull you out with ease. This will prevent wet sleeves, muddy arms and a cold ride back to camp.

Gain that Peace of Mind and stop stressing about whether or not your ride will shut off under water before you get out. Our strap can get you hooked up and out of the hole in no time. Typically the longer you are stuck, the deeper the hole gets and the more time water has to seep through all of your seals.

Not only will it help you get unstuck, but it can also be an anchor point for your buddies winch when he needs to be pulled out. This keeps him from pulling out his winch to reach the tree that’s forever away and saves some time on the trail. You can also pull your buddy back to camp if he breaks down.

By having our shackle connected to your hitch, this ensures that your frame gets pulled off the muddy bottom. On the other hand, if you connect to your rack or bumper, it will most likely get pulled into the mud and damage your machine, making your recovery extremely difficult.

We offer a 6 Month Warranty on our Recovery Straps. If your strap breaks within 6 months of purchase, we will replace it for free. This is limited to the synthetic rope only.

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