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Retail Terms

 1. Minimum Order Quantity

There is a minimum order quantity of 15 Recovery Straps no matter what length.

2. Pricing

40% OFF when ordering our minimum order quantity. Discounts are subject to change at any time.

3. Payment Terms

The invoice must be paid in full before we will submit your order for fulfillment.

4. Warranty

We offer a 6 month warranty on all Recovery Straps. This warranty will only cover the synthetic rope portion of the Recovery Strap within 6 months after date of purchase. We will send you a replacement for FREE if you show us proof of purchase including date of purchase and an image of the broken strap. Email us at

5. Returns and Exchanges

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your order. These 30 days start after you receive your shipment. You will be responsible for return shipping cost and fees. We will not be responsible for your customers returns nor exchanges. We only send replacements for warranty issues. See warranty info above.

6. Shipping

We are fully responsible for getting your order shipped to you and will send you an order confirmation email and tracking email once shipped out. We only ship to Retailers within the United States. Shipping times will vary.

7. Ordering Process

After we and the Retailer decide on the proper discounted rate, you can use this link to submit an order. If we do not have enough stock, we will notify you and give you updates on when more inventory will arrive. After submitting your order, we will create an invoice via paypal and send it to your email. After paying your invoice in full, we will then submit your order for fulfillment.

8. Contact

If you have any questions about our Retail Terms, please contact us at

"You" or "Your" = Retailer

"We" or "Us" or "our" = Mud Bandit

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